Irish eyes still smilin'?

Updated: September 8, 2004, 11:23 AM ET
By Rod Gilmore | ESPN Insider
It didn't take long for fans and pundits to become cranky during the first full weekend of college football. There was howling about Notre Dame and the Big Ten's instant replay model, while the play of some non-BCS conferences was largely overlooked. Relax, step back and take a closer look at these items.

Technical difficulties

If you watched Wisconsin dismantle Central Florida, then you saw the first of many quizzes on whether instant replay makes sense in college football. It got mixed results. My colleague Trev Alberts complained that instant replay interrupts the flow of the game. Trev was most incensed that it took several minutes for the "Technical Advisor" to determine where to spot the ball on a particular play. The fact that the coach is not allowed to challenge an official's call is also a problem.

Rod Gilmore

College Football analyst
Rod Gilmore serves as an ESPN studio analyst on SportsCenter and College Football Live, and provides commentary on ESPN's Friday night game telecasts. He writes regularly for ESPN Insider.