Trade best option for Henson

Mel's takes a look at the Drew Henson situation, QB issues for the Steelers and Packers and the draft strategies of the Texans and Rams.

Originally Published: January 30, 2004
By Mel Kiper Jr. | Special to ESPN Insider
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Q: If former Michigan quarterback Drew Henson doesn't opt for a sign and trade with the Houston Texans and instead enters the draft where do you see him going?
Brent, Boston, Mass.
KIPER: The best option for Henson is to go to another team in a trade because it forces that organization to make a commitment to him as a potential solution down the road, likely by giving up a second or third-round pick, whereas being in the draft process puts him in with a very deep QB class and drops Henson much lower in the draft process than he might like, probably into the later rounds. Most teams would rather have a passer fresh off a four-year college career than take a chance spending a high draft pick on a guy who has to shake off the rust after spending two years playing nothing but baseball.

Don't forget, the Dallas Cowboys took a similar chance by signing Chad Hutchinson after he spent time in the St. Louis Cardinals' system and it hasn't worked out too well for them, so that may hurt Henson's stock some as well. The bottom line is that any team willing to add Henson to the mix is taking a big risk. Baseball was not kind to him and he is making a move back to his second-favorite sport to try and have an impact in the NFL while also earning some money, but no one can be sure how long it will take him to develop or if he will even be worthy of a starting job at the pro level.

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