Will New England trade up?

Mel Kiper Jr. talks about trade possibilities for the Redskins and Patriots in his latest mailbag.

Originally Published: March 5, 2004
By Mel Kiper Jr. | Special to ESPN Insider
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Q: With the Redskins making so many moves in the free agent market do you see them dealing their first-round pick to escape the money that would be owed a top-five pick? And would a team like the Patriots -- with two first-rounders and two second-rounders -- be interested in moving up to that spot?
Mike Oondah, Boston
KIPER: I think Washington will indeed look to move off No. 5, possibly to the 10-12 area where it could get a good defensive lineman like Oklahoma's Tommy Harris or Miami's Vince Wilfork. The Redskins currently have only the No. 5 overall pick and a fifth-round pick, so moving down and getting multiple picks in exchange for the No. 5 would help a team that has not built well or reinforced it's talent base through the draft in recent years.

But I'm not sure the Patriots would be one of the teams interested in trading with the 'Skins. New England is looking for a big-time running back and has a very good shot at getting Oregon State's Steven Jackson at No. 21, and even though DT Ted Washington moved on there is still enough talent there to offset that loss. The Pats could certainly use an offensive lineman with versatility or a wide receiver with size, but the needs at those spots are not big enough to warrant a jump all the way to No. 5. They might move into the top 10-12 to address those issues, but not all the way to the top five.

Mel Kiper Jr.

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