Holiday just part of Irish problem

Originally Published: September 17, 2003
By Adam Rittenberg | Special to
Notre Dame coach Tyrone Willingham still considers Carlyle Holiday his top quarterback, even after the senior completed only one pass in the first half against No. 5 Michigan and finished with only 55 yards.

"We've said that Carlyle's growth has continued," Willingham said Tuesday. Holiday, who threw for 1,788 yards last year, has 204 yards in two games this season. "It has. There are points where sometimes that's not visible. But it's never just the quarterback. That's what we have to keep in perspective. The problems of our offense aren't just limited to one person."

Freshman Brady Quinn relieved Holiday in the fourth quarter at Michigan and completed only three of 10 passes. Although Holiday will start Saturday, Quinn could see action if the Irish offense continues to struggle.