Beating K-State just part of the plan

Originally Published: September 23, 2003
By Adam Rittenberg | Special to
Marshall coach Bob Pruett said last Saturday's win at No. 6 Kansas State is all part of a master plan. "We sat down a few years ago and started scheduling some upper-tier teams," Pruett said. "We feel like we needed to play Florida, Virginia Tech, Kansas State. Next year we have Ohio State and Georgia. When we started a few years ago, Florida got us pretty good. Then we played better at Virginia Tech. We played real well against Tennessee and then we had Kansas State. We're trying to raise the bar at Marshall."

While the BCS continues to mask the accomplishments of the Herd and other MAC programs, Pruett and his staff are devoted to getting as much exposure as possible. "We're gaining respect," he said. "They're talking about us as being a national team. Next year it will be very hard for our league not to be ranked high."

While some programs balk at scheduling "two and ones," meaning two road games and one home game with BCS opponents, Pruett and Marshall don't hesitate to play "the big boys" -- anywhere. Pruett said he even has agreed to three-and-ones with some teams. This year the Herd traveled to Tennessee and Kansas State, but will host Miami (Fla.), Tennessee and Kansas State in the coming years. "It's hard to get those schools because there's so much money involved," he said. "They could schedule you at home and then turn around and get $1.5 million."