Bowden closing in on JoPa

Originally Published: October 8, 2003
By Doug Carlson | Special to
If Florida State defeats No. 2 Miami on Saturday it may do more than move the Seminoles past their nemesis in pursuit of a place in this year's BCS title game. A Penn State loss at Purdue later in the day also would move FSU coach Bobby Bowden into a tie with Joe Paterno on the Division I career victories list at 338.

After that, the pursuit for ultimate possession of the top spot on the list would appear to favor Bowden. The Seminoles look like they're headed for, at worst, a 10-win season. The Nittany Lions? Anybody's guess.

"(Penn State's struggles) probably makes it more uncomfortable," Bowden said of competing with his old friend Paterno in pursuit of the record. "If I had my way. ... he would keep winning and I would, too. And then in about six years he hangs it up. And then I go one more year."