Cougars still alive in BCS bowl race

Originally Published: November 5, 2003
By Ted Miller | Special to
While many Washington State fans probably are concerned that the Cougars dropped from No. 8 to No. 15 in the BCS standings, a position that wouldn't allow them to play in the Rose Bowl, even if USC is invited to the national title game, winning likely will take care of that. If the Cougars win their final three games, starting with this weekend's tilt with UCLA, they figure to climb back into the BCS' top 12, a prerequisite to play in a BCS bowl. The Rose Bowl, which covets its traditional Pac-10-Big Ten matchup, likely would select Washington State in that scenario, instead of picking a non-traditional, at-large BCS team. The Rose Bowl folks were very grumpy last year when the Orange Bowl plucked USC, and they will look hypocritical if they follow suit. Of course, any loss probably would eliminate the Cougars from consideration.

  • Washington State coach Bill Doba clearly noticed that Stanford had eight sacks against UCLA's young offensive line, confusing the Bruins with a number of stunts. The Cougars have 32 sacks this season and stunt like no team on the West Coast. The Bruins have surrendered a Pac-10-worst 33 sacks. Any question what Doba plans for the Bruins? "It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out," Doba said. "We will come after them, but we go after everybody."

  • An MRI on quarterback Matt Kegel's knee revealed a partial tear of his MCL. That probably won't keep him out of the UCLA game, but considering Kegel has a pair of bum shoulders, he's certainly not healthy. "Of the four limbs, he's got one left," Doba said. "They'd have to cut his leg off to get him out of there."

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