Team preview: Central Florida

Blue Ribbon Illustrated previews the 2004-05 college football season, exclusively on Insider.

Originally Published: July 28, 2004
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Talk about a facelift. Rewind 18 months and the University of Central Florida is virtually unrecognizable.

The program put on the map in the late 1990s by quarterback Daunte Culpepper has been reshaped by a collection of people who believe Orlando is home to something much more than a directional school plopped amid Walt Disney World and Recruiting World.

A long, hard push to invest in the Golden Knights' football program produced the new Wayne Densch Sports Center, which opened in August 2003 with a large weight room, training room and locker room. It produced a groundbreaking, five-year contract for the football coach. The Knights practiced on freshly prepped fields.