Team preview: Colorado

Blue Ribbon Illustrated previews the 2004-05 college football season, exclusively on Insider.

Originally Published: July 28, 2004
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After an embarrassing off-season during which sexual assault allegations surfaced involving Colorado players and recruits, University of Colorado president Betsy Hoffman ultimately opted to redecorate rather than completely clean house. Her late-May decision meant that Colorado coach Gary Barnett, who was suspended last Feb. 18 during an investigation of the program, and the school's athletic director, Dick Tharp, both got to keep their jobs.

Barnett was reinstated officially in late May, bringing an end to a three-month paid suspension that raised questions about whether head coaches should be held responsible for the behavior of their players and recruits. Tharp also survived, saving his job by accepting a series of conditions that limits his power. Tharp now has to report to provost Phil DeStefano, the university's chief academic officer. A new governing board, made up in part by faculty members, also will oversee and advise the athletic department.

"To the degree that a 'good old boys club' still exists within the athletic department, those days are over," Hoffman said.