A look around the Big 12

Originally Published: October 5, 2004
By Chip Brown | Special to
Is the Oklahoma defense a notch below its predecessors? Is Texas' offense a step-ahead? Why is Texas Tech feeling good about itself despite its recent loss? And who looks like the class of the Big 12 North? Our Big 12 notebook answers these questions and more.

The Sooners recorded their first interception of the season -- finishing with three of them -- in a 28-13 victory over Texas Tech. There's no question that the OU defense comes into the Texas game with less mystique than at any time in the last four years. A big game against the Longhorns' top-ranked rushing attack will bring that swagger back.

  • Coach Bob Stoops is uptight most of the season, but he turns into the loosest, most easy-going, confident coach in college football the week of the Texas game. His players have responded the same way. While Texas players and coaches vowed not to talk about OU until Monday, Stoops said immediately after beating Texas Tech that the Texas game "couldn't get here soon enough."