A midseason look at the Big East

Take a midseason team-by-team look at the Big East.

Originally Published: October 12, 2004
By Joe Bendel | Special to
A team-by-team midseason look at the Big East.

Boston College
The Eagles (4-1, 1-0) might be the best team in the Big East (Sorry, WVU followers). The defense allows just 9.8 points per game and the offense is manned by the elusive and efficient Paul Peterson, a Doug Flutie-type who produces 230 yards per game. BC's only blemish occurred at Wake Forest, where a last-minute touchdown pass led to a 17-14 loss and foiled the Eagles' bid for an undefeated record heading into the showdown in Morgantown on Nov. 13. This team can run. It can block. It can throw. And it can play defense. Look for the Eagles to fly off with the league's BCS bowl bid in their final Big East season.

Midseason MVP: The offensive line probably deserves a piece of this, considering it protects QB Paul Peterson with kid gloves (they allow only a sack a game). But make no mistake about it, Peterson is the straw that stirs the drink. His play-making magic led to three touchdown passes in a 21-7 win over Penn State in Week 2, and it was more of the same in a surprisingly easy 27-7 win over UConn in Week 3. He hasn't been perfect (six interceptions), but his will to win outweighs everything else. "He just seems to find a way," coach Tom O'Brien said.