A look around the Pac-10

Take a team-by-team look at the Pac-10.

Originally Published: November 10, 2004
By Ted Miller | Special to
Arizona notched its first Pac-10 win of the year against Washington … and there was much rejoicing. Or not, as coach Mike Stoops took a ho-hum stance, mostly refusing to celebrate a second victory in nine games. "Any win is a good win, especially in this program the past two or three years," he said. "But we have visions beyond winning one Pac-10 game."

  • Top-ranked USC figures to look and feel just a bit different, particularly to a Wildcats offense that didn't do didly against the Huskies: 251 total yards and just 87 on the ground (and 50 of those yards came on a flea-flicker). It's hard to imagine those numbers will improve against the nation's No. 6 defense. "We have to play flawless football and not let them make big plays," Stoops observed.

    Still, Oregon State gave the Trojans a scare and made them seem mortal. And, like the Beavers, the Wildcats have an historical precedent. In 1981, Arizona beat top-ranked USC and tailback Marcus Allen 13-10, one of the biggest wins in school history. The Wildcats are 2-4 vs. top-ranked teams. Whatever happens, though, count on Stoops saving his notes.

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