Closer look at Pennington, Brady

ESPN analyst Merril Hoge checks out the similarities and differences between QBs Chad Pennington and Tom Brady.

Updated: December 1, 2004, 11:54 AM ET
By Merril Hoge | ESPN Insider
Editor's Note -- With the New England Patriots hosting the New York Jets this weekend, ESPN analyst Merril Hoge takes a look at quarterbacks Chad Pennington and Tom Brady and how the defenses will play them.

Both quarterbacks are extremely smooth, but Chad Pennington gets the edge over Tom Brady in this area. He's fluid and rhythmic with impeccable timing and he might be the smoothest quarterback I've seen in 10 years. Everything looks easy from the way he sets up to the way he releases the ball. Brady is also a smooth quarterback, but not quite in the league of Pennington.

Tom Brady
Brady does a great job manipulating defenses.
Brady does a great job of manipulating defenses by moving them in and out of coverage zones. In a way he's like a window wiper in that he clears the field off for his receivers on underneath routes across the middle of the field. He does an excellent job creating opportunities for his receivers.
Former NFL fullback Merril Hoge is an analyst for a wide variety of NFL programs on television and ESPN Radio. An eight-year NFL veteran, Hoge spent 1987-93 with the Pittsburgh Steelers and joined ESPN in 1996.