Weis won't shortchange Patriots

Updated: December 14, 2004, 12:54 PM ET
By Chris Mortensen | ESPN Insider
Sure, it's not going to be easy for Charlie Weis, but let's get real here. If the New England Patriots don't win their third Super Bowl in four seasons, it won't be because Weis tried to serve two masters as the team's offensive coordinator and the newly coronated Notre Dame head coach.

Coaching in the NFL is a challenge, but it's still football, folks. As my colleague Ron Borges wrote in Tuesday's Boston Globe, "Designing an offense and running it is hard work. It is not brain surgery, however. It's football, not cancer research."

Those are not original thoughts, but sometimes we need to be slapped in the face with those ideas. Thanks, Ron. I needed that. Well, actually, a bunch of people I know needed it. I already knew.