Williams should stay away from Dolphins

Dolphins GM Rick Spielman should be fired if he allows Ricky Williams back on the team.

Updated: October 7, 2004, 5:36 PM ET
By Sean Salisbury | ESPN Insider
If I'm the Miami Dolphins, Ricky Williams isn't allowed in my locker room. Period.

Please don't tell me he has rediscovered his passion for football, because it's hogwash. He's discovered a passion for the fact he wants to pay bills and doesn't want to pay back eight million bucks.

How dare he try to spin this into his love for the game bringing him back? Williams abandoned his team, and that shouldn't be overlooked. Week in and week out, teams go out on the field and sacrifice their bodies to win a game. They have to be able to trust the guys next to them on the field, and Williams can't be trusted by any of the Dolphins.