Spotting new defensive trends

Originally Published: October 21, 2004
By Joe Theismann | ESPN Insider
In a couple of Week 6 games I noticed a few interesting trends on the defensive side of the ball. The first was how prevalent tipped balls have recently become. The first example that pops into my mind is Jerry Azumah's interception on a tipped ball against the Washington Redskins. A ball that was popped up at the line of scrimmage by a defensive lineman who couldn't get pressure on the quarterback caused the interception. More and more linemen are getting their hands on the ball at the line, and I think that's because of the prevalence of the West Coast offense.

Joe Theismann

Football analyst
Former college and pro football star Joe Theismann has served as an analyst for ESPN's Sunday Night Football since 1988. He also is frequently heard on ESPN Radio, regularly contributes to and has contributed to the NFL Draft.