Classy players deserve kudos

In a time when we see athletes acting disgracefully, I want to thank Javon Walker and Al Harris for their classy behavior.

Originally Published: November 24, 2004
By Joe Theismann | ESPN Insider
In a time when we see professional athletes acting in a disgraceful manner, I want to thank and acknowledge two players for their classy behavior.

Too often, good guys don't get publicity, and WR Javon Walker and CB Al Harris of the Green Bay Packers deserve some.

We on ESPN's Sunday Night Football crew were scheduled for a production meeting late Friday night to prepare for Sunday's game between the Packers and Houston Texans (the Packers won 16-13).

We were supposed to sit down on Friday with Green Bay coach Mike Sherman and some players. Both Walker and Harris had other commitments, but both went out of their way to call me so I could complete an interview with them.

Joe Theismann

Football analyst
Former college and pro football star Joe Theismann has served as an analyst for ESPN's Sunday Night Football since 1988. He also is frequently heard on ESPN Radio, regularly contributes to and has contributed to the NFL Draft.