Dealing with distractions

Former Saints GM Randy Mueller knows what the Chargers and 49ers are going through with their volatile receivers.

Updated: October 3, 2003, 12:43 PM ET
By Randy Mueller | ESPN NFL Insider
One reason I don't put much stock in preseason hype or predictions is that a team built on paper is one thing, but nobody can predict the issues or distractions that might pop up during the course of the season and how a team will handle them.

We talked about injuries last week, but as we've seen there are other situations that arise, as well. Whether it's an issue such as miscommunication (like what probably happened in the Jets' camp last week), David Boston's suspension in San Diego or Terrell Owens' sideline tirades with the 49ers, these things can have a profound effect on the team's bottom line win-loss record. And you can bet there will be others to come, as we're only through Week 4.

Each team will deal with these types of things differently.