Desperate Chiefs pull it together

Updated: October 7, 2004, 4:56 PM ET
By Michele Tafoya | ABC Sports, for Insider

As cliché as the term "must-win" is – especially in Week 4 – Monday's game was, indeed, a must-win for Kansas City. An 0-4 record heading into their bye week would have been too big a mental hurdle for the Chiefs to overcome.

But if they felt desperate for a win, Dick Vermeil's team certainly didn't act it. Trent Green ran the offense as though he expected to win, and the Chiefs' maligned defense played its best game so far.

Not that the Chiefs' D had too much to worry about. Unless the Ravens were running the ball, they couldn't move the chains. (We had hoped to tell you during the broadcast that Ravens QB Kyle Boller was from a long line of firefighters. His great-grandfather, grandfather, Dad and three uncles all were firemen. And if not for football, Kyle would have followed in their footsteps. That story never made air, because Boller was never on the field long enough!)