Jags need to strike a balance

Updated: October 22, 2004, 1:28 PM ET
By Ron Jaworski | ESPN Insider
The Jacksonville Jaguars possess a very solid offense and if I have a concern it's that they've gotten away from the balance of Fred Taylor by becoming too reliant on Byron Leftwich. If they are going to be a complete football team they have to get Taylor more involved.

Byron Leftwich
Byron Leftwich has led the Jags to a great start this season.
Part of the reason for the over reliance on Leftwich is due to injuries suffered on the offensive line. They have gotten in more shotgun formations where Leftwich is more comfortable and he has extra time to throw the ball. Obviously when the Jaguars are in that formation, Taylor's potential contributions are limited. When they do run him from that position it hinders his ability to find daylight because he doesn't have a lead blocker.

Leftwich has been dynamite this season. Every week he has gotten better and better and more comfortable with his reads. I love the fact he has the gunslinger mentality and isn't afraid to make the big throws. He'll make the big throw rather than take the short check down throw. It's wonderful that he has the mentality to want to make the big play. That's what the great players have... a confidence in themselves and their receivers to make the plays necessary to win games.

Ron Jaworski

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