Fear factor

Updated: October 29, 2004, 9:27 AM ET
By Randy Mueller | ESPN Insider
On Halloween weekend, we thought it would be fun to list the NFL's scariest players on both sides of the ball. When you face these guys, you might need a little Maalox to cope with a queasy stomach. If you're scared, buy a dog and stay away from any game-day, one-on-one battles with the following:

1. Randy Moss: Great game planning and coverage don't matter. He still runs by everybody. And if that's not scary enough, when they do cover him, he just outjumps defenders for the ball. He's the best deep threat in the game today, and one of the best ever. Speed kills!

2. Michael Vick: If he were on top of his game, he'd be No. 1. Vick forces more sleepless nights for defensive coordinators than any player, and it's because on any given play he can just tuck the ball and run like he's in a playground game of two-hand touch. The videogame commercial is not far from the truth. Scary enough?