Interchangeable pieces for Eagles, Pats

Eric Allen takes a look at the defensive players who've been moved around for the Eagles and Patriots this season.

Updated: February 3, 2005, 10:56 AM ET
By Eric Allen | ESPN Insider
Editor's note: Resident defensive whiz Eric Allen takes a look at the defensive players who are moved around the most by the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles.

Philadelphia Eagles

Jevon Kearse
Jevon Kearse: People talk about all the free-agent additions, but I think he's been overlooked. He's an overall dominant football player who can dictate to a lineman what technique to use. There are special drills during the week focused primarily on guys like him because of his extraordinary abilities. He's had a standout year as he's avoided injuries this season. He has the versatility to play right and left defensive end and the Eagles used his athleticism to spy on Michael Vick in the NFC championship game.

Eric Allen

NFL studio analyst
Eric Allen, a 14-year NFL veteran and was one of the NFL's premier defensive backs, joined ESPN in August 2002 as an NFL studio analyst. His primary role is providing analysis for ESPNEWS' Monday Quarterback.