PFW: Whispers from around the NFL

Dolphins WR David Boston is seeing the ball better now that he's longer using colored contact lenses.

Updated: June 25, 2004, 12:47 PM ET
Pro Football Weekly
  • Dolphins WR David Boston has reportedly suffered depth-perception problems the past two seasons. The cause? Colored contact lenses. It seems that the enigmatic Boston wore contacts colored red, purple or blue as a fashion statement. It took Dolphins WR coach Jerry Sullivan and trainer Kevin O'Neill to alert him to the problem. After wearing clear contacts in Miami's most recent minicamp, Boston admitted that he was picking the ball up quicker.

  • Expect some drama with the Eagles and DT Corey Simon come training camp. Simon is upset with his current deal and could hold out, a la Duce Staley from last season. The team has shown no hints of discussing an extension with Simon.

  • Even though they're under no pressure to do so, don't be surprised if the Patriots restructure the contracts of QB Tom Brady and/or DL Richard Seymour before the start of the 2004 season. Both players are underpaid in today's market. By extending their deals, the team can lock them up for more years and free up money to re-sign pending free agents after this season, such as OLT Matt Light, WR David Givens, special-teams standout Larry Izzo and DL Jarvis Green.