McCareins brings new dimension to Jets

Updated: September 3, 2004, 12:23 PM ET
By Steve Muench | Scouts, Inc.
When building a team, a baseball general manager tries to sign the right blend of home-run hitters and contact hitters. It's no different when it comes to building a receiving corps in the NFL.

Teams need receivers who can change the game with a big play downfield, and they need receivers who will keep drives alive by making critical catches underneath. The roles are very different, as are the required skills. Below, we look at the top-five vertical receivers and the top-five possession receivers.

Of course, there is the rare receiver capable of doing anything asked of him. As you would expect, those receivers are some of the most recognizable names in the league, including Marvin Harrison, Terrell Owens, Torry Holt Randy Moss and Chad Johnson. All five excel at creating separation deep, getting open underneath and producing after the catch.

Such versatility is rare, however, so we've focused on the best in the two basic categories:

Steve Muench played four years of Division I-AA football before joining Scouts Inc. in 2002. He has evaluated both NFL and college players for Scouts Inc., but his current focus is on the NFL draft.