Garcia too quick for his receivers

Updated: October 4, 2004, 12:15 PM ET
Scouts, Inc.
Editor's note: Our scouts roll back the tape on the fourth weekend of the 2004 NFL season:

Jeff Garcia
Cleveland QB Jeff Garcia has underachieved in his first month, and the coaches are working with him on his fundamentals in the passing game.

Garcia has been in a West Coast offense most of his career, and the key in that scheme is three- and five-step drops, where he has to get back, set up quickly and get the ball out. The Browns, though, don't run a West Coast offense, and Garcia actually is getting back and throwing the ball before his receivers come out of their breaks.

The coaching staff is trying to slow down his drops to improve his timing with his receivers. The early results were moderately successful in Sunday's win over the Redskins.