Has Gibbs lost his competitive edge?

Originally Published: October 8, 2004
By Gary Horton | Scouts, Inc.
After a week of studying film, our lead scout surveys the Week 5 landscape and weighs in with his picks for the weekend's potential stars, the best matchups, the games to watch and more.

Has the NFL game passed Joe Gibbs by? The Redskins' coaching staff has been continually under fire regarding its preparation, adjustments and clock management. There's a consensus among coaches and scouts around the league that the game has changed, and some aren't sure Gibbs & Co. have adjusted.

When Gibbs left coaching 12 years ago, teams did not have the technology they do today. Teams now have software that can tell them every tendency of an opponent, as well as quality-control coaches whose entire job is to study those tendencies.

The Redskins run a simple offense with a philosophy of doing what they do best, without worrying about what the defense does. That worked well when Gibbs had John Riggins and superior personnel, but today's defenses make adjustments from game to game, series to series and play to play.

Gary Horton spent 10 years in the NFL as a scout and another 10 years at the college level as an assistant coach and recruiter. He is the founder and most seasoned member of the Scouts Inc. staff, and his extensive experience at all levels of football make him an excellent talent evaluator.