Beltway QBs not getting it done

Originally Published: October 29, 2004
Scouts, Inc.
After a week of studying film, our scouts survey the Week 8 landscape and weigh in with their picks for the weekend's potential stars, the best matchups, the games to watch and more.

Mark Brunell
Soft tossing: When you look at Redskins QB Mark Brunell on film, you see why his receivers wouldn't feel very good about his passing velocity. Not only is his arm strength questionable on deep routes, but he also has a tendency to float the ball on intermediate routes. This leads his receivers into too many big hits as the ball hangs in the air and defensive backs jump the route. The same thing happened to Tim Couch in Cleveland, and his receivers almost staged a revolt before he was benched and eventually released.

Anthony Wright
Boller to the bench? Several pro scouts think that when QB Anthony Wright recovers from his shoulder problems, he could replace Kyle Boller down the stretch. Boller's inconsistency has to be driving Brian Billick crazy. Boller seems to be regressing, has a marginal feel for defenses and struggles to find his "hot" reads. He is surrounded by excellent coaches and teachers, but the progress just isn't there. Wright is a playmaker and could be called on to replace Boller before No. 2 QB Kordell Stewart.