Will Miami learn from history?

Would the Dolphins use the second pick overall on another Texas RB, who cites Ricky Williams as a role model?

Originally Published: December 6, 2004
By Todd McShay | Scouts, Inc.
Note: Our scouts watch college football with an eye on the next level. This week they offer takes on Texas RB Cedric Benson, Virginia Tech CB Jimmy Williams, Boston College DE Mathias Kiwanuka, UNLV LB Ryan Claridge and Cal WR Geoff McArthur. Also, their list of the top 32 draft prospects gets four new faces.

Ricky Williams' decision not to return to the NFL should have an impact on the upcoming draft. The Dolphins could be the first team to tap into what is shaping up as one of the strongest running back classes in over a decade. If the 49ers hold onto the first pick overall, they are likely to select a quarterback – Matt Leinart (USC) or Aaron Rodgers (Cal), assuming one or both leaves school early.

The Dolphins, who will likely have the second pick overall, would then have their choice between blue-chip senior prospects Carnell Williams (Auburn), Cedric Benson (Texas) and Ronnie Brown (Auburn), or possibly junior DeAngelo Williams (Memphis). Many NFL teams rate Benson ahead of Williams and Brown, but would the Dolphins pay that kind of money to another Texas running back who cites Ricky Williams as a role model and has openly admitted he'd rather win the Heisman Trophy than beat rival Oklahoma?

Todd McShay

ESPN Senior Writer