Receivers holding Seahawks back

Updated: January 10, 2005, 11:38 AM ET
Scouts Inc.
Editor's note: Our scouts roll back the tape on Wild Card Weekend and look ahead to the divisional round:

St. Louis at Seattle

Bobby Engram
The Seahawks' wide receivers had five more dropped passes on Saturday, and the last drop by Bobby Engram cost Seattle the game. The ball thrown to Engram was at a difficult angle and sight line, but these are receivers in the NFL and that ball has to be caught. These drops put too much pressure on QB Matt Hasselbeck and take any momentum away from the offense.

When you watch these receivers on film, you see a consistent lack of concentration. They don't look for the ball at times, they will "peek" into traffic and seem to be looking for the safety who is waiting to make the big hit. This offense has the potential to be outstanding in the future, but if the receivers are not willing to go and get the ball with consistency, it will continue to struggle.