Vick's recognition skills will be tested

Updated: January 20, 2005, 10:48 AM ET
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Editor's note: Our scouts have been poring over game tape to get a read on Sunday's conference championship matchups.

The Eagles love to blitz, and they disguise it better than any team in the league. Opposing quarterbacks come to the line of scrimmage and see a four-man alignment, but before the ball is snapped, there could be as many as eight defenders in the box.

This includes the threat of one or both corners coming off the edge, leaving the quarterback with no idea who is coming and who is dropping into coverage. The Eagles love the overload blitz, where they bring as many as four blitzers from the same side, while dropping a defensive end into the "hot" zone, virtually taking away the quick pass.

This defense had 10 different blitzes in the playbook on the first day of training camp. Seventeen Eagles defensive players combined for 47 sacks – 17½ were recorded by linebackers or defensive backs. This is an equal opportunity defense, and no one knows where the pressure is coming from.

Warrick Dunn
So how do the Falcons beat the blitz?