Weblog: Not-so-Super endorsements

Originally Published: February 2, 2005
By Seth Wickersham | ESPN The Magazine
JACKSONVILLE, Fla. - Whoops. Twelve letters into my first blog and already one mistake. I'm actually not in Jacksonville.

I'm in a tent pitched 17 miles south of Jacksonville. To get to this tent you have to drive in a four-mile loop around a golf course. The tent is in the middle of the loop. And this is no ordinary loop. It's less a loop than a record, spinning around, no end or exit in sight, leaving me and my driver, Wright Thompson of "Kansas City Star, The" (as it reads on his Super Bowl credential), feeling like the Griswolds gazing at Big Ben.

And, like the loop, this is no ordinary tent. Patriots players and coaches are spending 45 minutes in it today. Sure, I saw plenty of the Patriots players and coaches at Media Day. But nothing comes out of Media Day except reporters bumping into each other for two hours and staring at one another's credential so that they can know who you are without actually, say, talking. Making Media Day even odder was that there was a huge party on Media Night for Media Only. As if we haven't seen enough of each other.