Rams' Wade Phillips marvels at Sean McVay's 'tremendous recall'

THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay has a simple explanation for why he has a seemingly super-human ability to recall plays.

"I have no life," he said. "Other than I love football."

McVay's power of recall was on full display in a recent Bleacher Report video, in which he was peppered with game scenarios from past seasons and perfectly recalled what play was run, as well as its result.

He said his ability to recall these events is actually due to a process he's "always revisiting."

"It's not like I'm just recalling it and that's the only time you've ever done it from," he said. "These are things that we as coaches always go back through. So, it's kind of something that you're always revisiting, especially when it's relevant plays."

Coaches and players who work with McVay, 32, said his memory should not be downplayed.

Defensive coordinator Wade Phillips, now in his 41st season as an NFL coach, said McVay's recall ability was an uncommon trait among coaches.

"I think it's a common between savants," Phillips said. "He has got tremendous recall, but he has got great people skills, too, and that's the difference in him and some real smart guy. He's way above my head, that's for sure."

When McVay's recall ability was described to Todd Gurley II, the running back said, "Sounds about right. ... He has a great memory."

Still, McVay insisted his recall only works when it comes to football.

"It is not a joke," McVay said, "when I say I really do not remember anything else."