The biggest what-ifs of the 2018-19 NHL season

Dynamic scoring winger Jeff Skinner was traded to Buffalo this summer. But what if he remained in Carolina to help boost the team's tepid scoring? Jaylynn Nash/Icon Sportswire

As NHL action resumes following the Christmas break, we sit about halfway through the 2018-19 season. That means we have a big enough sample of games to see things take shape, but still have plenty of hockey to go before the playoffs.

We also have enough hindsight to see how last offseason's moves have impacted this year's results, for better or worse. And we can wonder how things could have been different if they had gone another direction.

Let's have a look at 10 offseason moves or non-moves that have had a domino effect on this season.

What if the Hurricanes kept Jeff Skinner?