Federer's still untouchable

Originally Published: November 15, 2004
By Malivai Washington |
For the entire season, Roger Federer has been playing a level of tennis no one has been able to touch. He proved it at the Grand Slams, the Tennis Masters events and every other event he played. Now in the Masters Cup at Houston, long after having wrapped up the world No. 1 ranking, he is proving it again by moving into the semifinals after going 3-0 against the world's best in the Red Group.

He'll play Marat Safin, who has also been on a tear of late, in the semifinals on Saturday. Safin advanced into the last four of this season-ending event after beating Tim Henman for the final spot. Head-to-head, Federer has a 5-1 lead against Safin, and there's no reason why it won't move to 6-1. Federer has shown an amazing ability to rise to the occasion when there is a lot riding on a match. This is one of those matches.