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UCLA gymnast removes Michael Jackson from viral floor routine

In an exclusive interview, Katelyn Ohashi explains why she will be debuting a new floor routine at Saturday's Pac-12 Championships.

Kyusung Gong/Icon Sportswire

How UCLA gymnast Katelyn Ohashi's spectacular routine came to be

Katelyn Ohashi has taken over the internet before. But the UCLA gymnast hit bigger than ever in January with a perfect-10 routine that became one of the most viral moments in sports this year.

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Blazing her own path

Women's History Month

French freestyler Lisa Zimouche is the nutmeg queen

When Lisa Zimouche first dabbled in freestyle and panna, she was told she had no place in the sport. The 19-year-old has since set the internet aflame with her brilliant ball skills.

Lisa Zimouche will nutmeg you, too

French freestyler Lisa Zimouche has shown time and time again what she can do with a soccer ball -- and it never gets old.


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