NBA trade deadline: Lists of every restricted, available player

Windhorst: Mavs are in a good position to trade for Iguodala (1:20)

Brian Windhorst breaks down why the Mavericks could be interested in trading for Andre Iguodala and what they would have to give up to get him. (1:20)

It has been nearly five months since there was a single NBA trade. The market went dark following the July 16 blockbuster swap involving Russell Westbrook and Chris Paul.

That should start to change on Dec. 15, when restrictions will lift on nearly 150 players who signed free-agent deals over the summer, making 90% of the league's player pool eligible for deals.

To get ready for those potential transactions, we've lifted all Dec. 15 restrictions in our NBA trade machine one week early. You can now go in and construct trades for players who will actually become trade eligible this Sunday.

And to get a better sense of the 2019-20 trade market, we have broken down the entire player pool into three categories below: expiring contracts, long-term deals and players still carrying trade restrictions.

We've organized these tables by player role (franchise centerpiece, All-Star, starter, reserve, etc.), salary and years remaining on their contracts. You can use these tables when attempting to determine what trades are possible across the league -- especially since most teams don't have cap space and will need to trade salaries that match within 125%.