Sports Guy vs. Sports Dog
By Bill Simmons and Bailey
Page 2 staff

Bailey managed to slightly pad his season-long lead on Bill Simmons after a 2-1-1 week, so the Sports Dog has graciously allowed us to publish photos showing his not-so-secret methods for making his pigskin picks.

Bailey does a little last-minute research before making his picks.
The Sports Dog owes his success to a simple motivation: food. That age-old hunger instinct has proven to be a better source than all the NFL material used by The Sports Guy (1-2-1 last week).

Bailey just seems to have a good nose for winners. Every week he considers the merits of each team -- and respective doggie treats -- in selected matchups, then goes with his gut to pick the winners against the spread.

Like the gambler who weighs the factors of injured lists, home field, record against the spread, weather, astrology, biorhythms, etc., Bailey carefully considers each identical treat before making his prediction.

Now here are his and Simmons' Week 13 selections for you to chew on:

Bailey's Week 13 NFL predictions
Season record: 28-18-2; last week: 2-1-1
(As told to Jim Wilkie, editor for Page 2.)

New York Giants at Dallas
I'm not one to lightly make guarantees, but the Giants beating the Cowboys by more than 3½ points is as close to a lock as you can dig up.
-- The pick: Giants 27, Cowboys 10

Tennessee at Minnesota
I liked this one because it's a matchup of two of the year's biggest dogs. In this pick 'em game, I'll take the Vikings at home.
-- The pick: Vikings 33, Titans 17

A typical dilemma that always faces The Sports Dog, and then ...
Kansas City at Oakland
The Raiders' bark is worse than their bite, so I'll take the underdog Chiefs plus 9 points.
-- The pick: Raiders 24, Chiefs 20 (Kansas City covers)

Seattle at Denver
Favored by 6 points, the Broncos won't let their rivals come in and mark up their territory.
-- The pick: Broncos 31, Seahawks 22

Bill Simmons' Week 13 NFL predictions
Season record: 23-23-2; last week: 1-2-1
San Francisco at St. Louis
Between the way the Rams put the ball on the ground and the way Jeff Garcia is playing, a 7-point spread seems just a little too high. This one has "Game of the Year" potential. By the way, I'm completely, totally sold on Garcia. Guy makes plays. And he's leading my 11-1 Roto team, no less, a juggernaut that includes Garcia, LaDainian Tomlinson, Ricky Williams, Duce Staley, Tom Brady, Jerry Rice and many others. Yes, Trent Green is long gone. Whoops, where was I?
-- The pick: 49ers 34, Rams 32 (upset special)

New Orleans at Atlanta
Saints giving 3 points in Atlanta, where the Falcons have one of the worst home-field advantages in the league because nobody shows up. Is there a worse sports city in America than Atlanta?
-- The pick: Saints 26, Falcons 11

Mmmmmm ... Packers ... mmmmm ...
New York Jets at Pittsburgh
The line is a little low (Pittsburgh at home, giving 3½ points) only because Jerome Bettis is skipping this one, with Chris Fuutttsgdsnsms-maafafalalalalala taking his place. Frankly, I don't think they lose much with Foo. And the Jets seem like they were exposed last week -- when push comes to shove, Vinny Testaverde is still Vinny Testaverde. He's good for three picks and two fumbles on Sunday.
-- The pick: Steelers 27, Jets 13

Tennessee at Minnesota
You have to hand it to the Titans (a pick 'em in Minnesota) -- they could have packed it in after that devastating Monday night loss to the Ravens, but Jeff Fisher still has them playing hard. Amazing. Hell, they're only a game behind Seattle and Cleveland for the last playoff spot. And remember, every year, one team starts off slow in each conference and finishes the second half with a flourish. Aren't Arizona and Tennessee shaping up as those teams this year, or am I crazy?
-- The pick: Titans 26, Vikings 24


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