Southport in kit clanger at Torquay as their home kit clashes with their away

Given that both teams traditionally play in yellow, Southport packed a change of colours for Saturday's long, long 575-mile round trip to Torquay United in the National League.

However, upon arrival at Plainmoor, it soon emerged that Southport's away kit wasn't going to cut the mustard, largely due to the fact that -- for reasons beyond our comprehension -- it is almost exactly the same colour as their home strip. Except it looks like someone has drawn all over it with a highlighter pen.

Which kind of defeats the entire purpose of having a second kit, but hey ho.

Indeed, the self-inflicted clash meant that home team Torquay were forced to play in their away kit, a smart little black-and-white striped number.

In fairness to Southport, Torquay have only been playing in yellow for the last 62 years, having first adopted the colour in 1954.

With change that rapid, how on earth were they supposed to know what to expect?