Woman files complaint against Boca Juniors duo - lawyer

The lawyer for a woman alleging that Boca Juniors players Wilmar Barrios and Edwin Cardona hit and threatened her in an incident on Sunday in Buenos Aires, said she has filed a police report against the duo.

The lawyer for the alleged victim, Juan Cerolini, claims the two Colombian players met the woman in a hotel on Sunday in Buenos Aires and hit her and threatened her with a knife. Barrios and Cardona have denied the accusations.

Cerolini told Radio Continental: "It was a private meeting, there were four men and they went voluntarily. At one point during the night, one of the footballers, Mr. Barrios, had a violent reaction with my client. Mr. Cardona also took part, threatening, from what my client says. There was physical and verbal violence...There was an episode in the lift where one of the players held a knife... we decided to file a complaint."

Colombian international Cardona, who is on loan at Boca from C.F. Monterrey, denied the allegations: "I'm very hurt and sad about what is being said. I have a wife and three girls. It's very strange. I've never in my life taken a knife. Women are sacred for me and I would never in my life do something like this. It's a lack of respect that they stain our names like this."

Barrios also vehemently denied the story. The 24-year-old midfielder told ESPN: "Everything that is being said about drugs, rape, weapons, threats and you read this and you ask yourself 'where are they getting this from?' "We want to get to the bottom of this."

The lawyer for the duo, Miguel Angel Pierri, told TyC Sports on Wednesday that he is seeking prompt response from the courts, especially after the two were left off the Boca squad for Wednesday's friendly against Aldosivi in Mar del Plata.

"I think the situation merits a rapid response from the court," Pierri said. "I have not advised them for or against traveling [with the team], but it is important that they are here [in Buenos Aires]. I want their testimony to be heard. They have a lot to say and I am certain that this will be cleared up."

Fox Sports Argentina report that the two players have already been notified that they will be summoned.

Boca president Daniel Angelici said he is monitoring the situation. He told Fox Sport radio: "If the rumours are confirmed, there will be no hesitation. Justice will determine the responsibility of the players and we will act accordingly. The club is not going to turn a blind eye. Boca deserves to be in the media for what it does from a sporting point and not for the behaviour outside the club. When you sign a contract with the club, you are a player for 24 hours."

Pierri said that representatives from the Colombia national team have already met with the players.

"My guess is that for Colombia these accusations have generated the same concerns as they have for Boca Juniors," he said.