Noodle Me Timbers: Portland's vegan dish satisfies foodies, footy fans alike

Vietnamese Noodle Salad, a new Providence Park provision, features glass noodles, edamame, green onion and shredded cabbage tossed in a cilantro sesame dressing. Christopher Testani for ESPN

Portland's reverence for footy is well-documented: The Timbers have sold out every home game (145 and counting) since they joined MLS in 2011. But recent $85 million renovations to 92-year-old Providence Park bestowed some next-level nosh options -- including this glass-noodle, cilantro-sesame-dressed vegan fare -- on Portland's hard-core foodies. Providence Park executive chef Tony Parker rhapsodized about serving the Rose City's eclectic palates.

Vietnamese Noodle Salad | Providence Park | Cost: $9 | Calories: 481

ESPN: Portland has a large Vietnamese population. Did that inspire this dish?

Parker: Definitely. The city's culinary community produces amazing vegan and vegetarian concepts. The well-composed, flavorful options we offer echo that.

ESPN: The stadium expansion includes 18 other new dining options. Why mess with success?

Parker: The park already had an electric atmosphere and an undeniable sense of history; the renovations and new concessions simply blend the old and new.