First it was the Lakers winning an NBA championship. Now it's the Angels and Dodgers on the verge of a "Gridlock Series" in Southern California. Don't these teams know the state can't afford success if it means extra security and championship parades? At least the Warriors and Raiders have the greater good in mind. Failure is cost effective.

But while SportsNation is split almost down the middle on whether an all-California series would be a good thing, this is really all about the Dodgers and Yankees.

In other words, the Nation is evenly divided about which team they want to win the World Series, but they're unanimous in wanting the win to come against the Dodgers or Yankees.


I guess I always thought the 1980 Phillies team would be the measuring stick for me of true greatness, but on Monday in Colorado this Phils team confirmed a gut-feeling I've had for the last 12 months, this is the best team of my lifetime. They're flawed, they make mistakes, they have a manager who wouldn't have make it out of my fourth grade English class, but they never quit and they all play with their hearts on their sleeves.

-- currymj19

I do feel that way as an Angel fan first, and if I have to root for any other team, Dodger fan second. A freeway series would force to BSPN to acknowledge the best baseball that is coming from out west, would be a great lift to both fan bases, and would further renew the rivalry that is starting to mean something.

-- Splurgercloud

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