WNBA makes logos on uniforms more prominent

NEW YORK -- The WNBA's uniforms in 2019 will look different in one key way: Team logos will replace the players' numbers on the front-center of the jerseys.

That will allow them to prominently feature both the logo and sponsorship logos. Along with the individual sponsorships some teams have on the top of the jerseys, all teams will have AT&T on them, as that is the WNBA's new marquee partner.

It's a change that will be welcomed by fans, as many felt the actual team logo was lost on the jerseys. It won't be now.

It's the second season the players will be wearing the Nike-designed Women's Aeroswift uniforms, which were designed with player input on fit and comfort. There's a variety of lengths on shorts, for instance, to match individual player preference.

Each team will have an Icon edition uniform in their primary color and a Statement edition in their secondary color.

In August, each team hosts a Breast Health Awareness home game for which players will wear a special-edition dark gray uniform.

The new WNBA jerseys will be for sale online starting May 24, when the regular season tips off.